Digital Humans 2035 [English Version]

What are digital humans? When will the digital human start influencing society? What role will the digital human play in the future internet? What kind of business models will the digital human bring forth?

The Digital Human and the Revolution of Virtual Interaction

This trend analysis explores the state of the art and makes predictions about the role of the digital human in 2035, by examining future trends surrounding the technologies required to create our virtual counterparts. It also deals with the role of the digital human in the metaverse and suggests a range of business models that incorporate the digital human.

By 2035, our economy will have undergone a significant change. The ability to access, understand, and analyze data will play a much larger role than it does today. While physical production and innovation will continue to be key for the economy, value creation will be supplemented by activities that take place exclusively in virtual environments. Through data access and analysis, as well as the production of exclusively virtual goods, a tremendous value can be generated.

But how can we interact with these virtual environments? Our current technologies use screens as a window to the virtual world. We have become accustomed to using mice and keyboards to work with the virtual environment.

However, this kind of interaction will always remain fundamentally counterintuitive for us humans. We are three-dimensional, physical beings who have evolved to touch, feel, and communicate with gestures and speech.

By 2035, physical and digital environments will gradually merge, and the way we interact in both worlds will no longer dramatically differ. But how do you interact with other people in a virtual world? This is where the digital human comes in.

While some react with fear and skepticism to these upcoming changes, we at 2b AHEAD want to show you that the future is understandable, exciting, and full of opportunities. It's something we can genuinely look forward to.

2b AHEAD Trend Analysis | April 2023